See how the year developed from March to the current situation we find ourselves in.

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MARCH 2020

On 4 March, the first case was confirmed. The infected was a person who had travelled from Northern Italy via Málaga Airport. The patient was in self-isolation. On 7 March, the patient was tested negative and was allowed to end the self-isolation. At this point, in Gibraltar a further 63 were in self-isolation.

Total social lockdown began on 24 March, with certain exceptions for essential workers and businesses, over 70's having already entered lockdown.

As of 27 March, 42 people had tested positive for COVID-19 in Gibraltar, including two workers from the Elderly Residential Services at Mount Alvernia.

At the end of March a Florence Nightingale Field Hospital with 192 beds was completed on the Europa Point Sports Complex.

APRIL 2020

General lockdown extended to 22 May, Gibraltar having on 23 April 4 active cases with 129 people having recovered. Over 2,000 tests having been carried out.

MAY 2020

On 9 May the border with Spain was opened to Spanish residents who held non-essential employment contracts in Gibraltar to allow them to return to work. Many businesses in Gibraltar having been allowed to reopen from 4 May.

By 14 May, 147 cases were registered but with 144 recovered and no deaths.


As of 1 June there were 12 active cases in Gibraltar with a further 7 cross border workers living in Spain also testing positive. 7,644 swabs had been undertaken, those confirmed positive were 170, with 19 active and 151 recovered. As of 22 June there were no active cases, 176 cases had recovered and 11,129 tests had been carried out. An active case was located on 27 June.

contact App “BEAT Covid Gibraltar” was released on 18 June available through both Apple and Google with the objective to "reduce the further transmission of the COVID-19 virus by informing App users that they have been close to a person who has tested positive."[17] Alerts are sent for close contact of another App user who has been within 2 metres of an infected person for 15 minutes or more.


As of 17 August there were 19 active cases (17 residents, 2 visitors), 217 confirmed cases and 194 recovered. 215 were currently in isolation, 27,458 tests had been undertaken.


By 2 September there were 42 active cases (42 residents, 0 visitors) with 295 confirmed cases and 240 recovered. 206 were in isolation and 35,256 tests had been undertaken.

From 8 September a ban on gatherings of over 20 people in most circumstances was introduced with a fine of £100 applicable, although this can escalate to £10,000 with 3 months in prison.

 As of 20 September, there were 21 active cases (21 residents, 0 visitors) with 350 confirmed cases and 323 recovered. 172 were in isolation and 42,458 tests had been undertaken.


With increasing numbers of positive tests giving concern and to avoid another lockdown, the government announced it would increase capacity for tests to 1,000 per day with a saliva test for school users and workers every 2 weeks.

On the 8th October, masks were made mandatory for anyone outside school gates.

Elderly Resident Services placed in lockdown, from 23 October groups will be reduced to 16, in restaurants a limit of 8 per table, less tables and last orders 11pm, in bars last orders 9pm and close at 10pm.

On the 27th YGTV announced the new mandatory mask-wearing laws in Main Street, Irish Town and the surrounding streets.

The law made it punishable by law to remove or even pull-down the mask for the purposes of eating, drinking, smoking or any other reason unless seated at a licensed food outlet.

Halloween was effectively cancelled on the Rock as GoG advise people not to go out.


The first death was recorded on 11 November, the second on the 17 November & the third on 19 November, all three in Gibraltar’s Elderly Residential Service.

The fourth death was in his 60's and the fifth in his 40's, both with significant underlying health problems.

On the 18th November new guidelines on students having to wear masks in schools, dependent on their year.


Xmas looks set to be one of the least festive on record as rumours of limited turkey sizes being made available run riot, reportedly to deter large family gatherings.

The rule still applies that no more than 8 people may sit at the same table in a restaurant and a maximum of 16 people will be allowed to be in the same household at any one time.

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