Mission Specific Objectives to obtain from The Government of Gibraltar*

Safeguarding the rights & liberties of Gibraltarians

Restoration of: The freedom to Protest | Freedom of Assembly | Freedom of Movement | Freedom of Conscience

A guarantee absolute personal bodily autonomy, including the right to decline vaccination

The absolute assurance that no vaccine will be made mandatory

Freedom from coercion by way of restriction of any civil liberties for those choosing not to be vaccinated against any vaccine

The right to choose whether to wear/not to wear a face-covering in any public or private place whether inside or out

Removal of limitations of movement & false imprisonment/isolation of asymptomatic individuals

Removal of any restrictions for students to wear face-coverings in educational establishments at any time

Demanding accountability of elected pubic representatives

Ensuring Police officers abide by the Code of Professional Standards 2007 **

Aksing the new Director of Public Health Gibraltar to provide the clinical justification for the vaccination of children

* Freedom Gibraltar have clearly defined & limited objectives as described above, all and any views, whether political or personal communicated or expressed by any individual member does not represent the views or objectives of the collective unless defined above

** Read the Code-of-Conduct-Policy-April-2010-RGP | Read the Principles of the Police Code of Professional Standards



In early 2020 people all around the world watched in shock as China reported amounting deaths from a new corona-virus.

Rumours spread like wildfire, with talk & videos depicting the sale of tainted meat from a huge range of wild animals from bats & rats to snakes & pangolins...

THE impact

Since COV-SARS-2 reared it's ugly head in early 2020 & spread across the globe, populations panicked & Governments convened special committees to try to formulate plans which would protect their citizens.

As the year progressed, new laws were enacted in most countries under the guise of emergency contingency powers...


'Big Pharma' companies all over the world raced to be the first to create a vaccine that would make them famous and guarantee them massive annual profits for time immemorial.

Standard protocols & stringent clinical trials were ignored in the fight for supremacy, with non-liability clauses being agreed for all...

There is little doubt that 2020 has been the most challenging year in living memory for most people in Gibraltar.

With COV-SARS-2 (Covid19) rearing it's ugly head as we headed into the new year, we have been hit with lockdowns, unparalleled restrictions and the systematic erosion of our fundamental civil rights.

Initial confusion quickly led to global panic in anticipation of a possible pandemic of plague-like proportions, allowing governments to enact new powers and force through legislation under emergency contingency rules.

Summer saw a general lockdown, with families unable to visit beaches and relatives alienated from their loved ones under the guise of public health protection.

This power-grab has become a sustained campaign which has seen many of our fundamental rights taken away in an unconstitutional & unlawful manner that has created unprecedented division and fear in our community.

masks & the pfizer vaccine - armed & dangerous?

In terms of dissemination of probative information, it is a moral duty to bring in as many credible sources as possible in order to challenge the pedaled narrative and, indeed to challenge it's integrity.

Is it responsible to blindly accept the official line without challenge or scrutiny?
Often it is not until long after the event that disinformation & misleading propaganda comes to light - WMDs in Iraq comes to mind or perhaps the lack of suitable military equipment exposed by the Chilcot enquiry...

Information is king & control of it is a powerful tool - the Jim Morrison quote 'He who controls the media controls the masses' is quite intuitive and that has never been more relevant than today with Social media and 'news' at the touch of a fingertip...


The 2006 Gibraltar Constitution  is the foundation of the freedoms and liberties of the people of Gibraltar. It sets out the fundamental rights of the individual and reflects the emancipation of Gibraltarians after centuries of conflict & occupation by foreign entities.

2020 has seen laws introduced, some of which do not consistent with the Constitution and as such are seen by many citizens as being unlawful acts secured through 'ultra vires' means, meaning they have been self-granted outside the scope of the law.

What does the Constitution provide for in Chapter 1 that has been jeopardised by the 'Emergency' legislation introduced & excused by C19?

  • S1 - Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Individual.

  • S5 - Protection from Inhuman Treatment

  • S9 - Protection of Freedom of Conscience

  • S10 - Protection of Freedom of Expression

  • S11 - Protection of Freedom of Assembly and Association

  • S13 - Protection of Freedom of Movement

  • S14 - Protection from Discrimination on the Grounds of Race, etc.


is 'emergency' legislation ultra vires?

What laws have been introduced in 2020 under the 'Civil Contingencies Emergency (Coronavirus 2) Regulations 2020' & what do those powers actually allow?

Under normal circumstances new laws undergo a lengthy process of analysis in what is known as Parliamentary Scrutiny, whereby all MPs are able to read the proposals and give feedback to the chamber until it finally passes as safe & reasonable or gets rejected.

On 4th March 2020 the Civil Contingencies Act 2007 was invoked when panic spread about the relatively unknown SARS-COV2 Virus that has become to be called CoronaVirus or Covid19, scenes depicting thousands of dead bodies came out of China, creating fear and shock across the world and making Governments take immediate proactive measures to protect the electorate.

The 2007 Act provides the Government in power at the time of a Civil Emergency special powers to create emergency laws in times of extreme public danger. These powers were invoked as a measure against what was perceived to be a highly deadly pandemic that could threaten to overwhelm our health service & leave thousands dead and dying - this did not ever happen, but the powers introduced were not retracted, quite the opposite - even after we know that the so-called pandemic is not the killer it was first thought to be, these powers have continued to be used to remove more and more of the constitutional rights of Gibraltarians.

The continued use of the special emergency powers in the face of new science that shows Covid19 to be of similar potential danger as seasonal influenza could be construed as an abuse of those powers and potentially 'ultra vires' or outside the law.

Under UK constitutional law, ultra vires describes patents, ordinances and the like enacted under the prerogative powers of the Crown that contradict statutes enacted by the Crown-in-Parliament.

Broad ultra vires applies if there is an abuse of power or a failure to exercise an administrative discretion (e.g., acting at the behest of another or unlawfully applying a government policy) or application of discretionary powers in irrational and wrong way.

Governments acting ultra vires (Outside the Law) must be held accountable for their actions and furthermore, any prosecutions brought under laws enacted ultra vires must be postponed pending judicial review and may entitle a claimant to various prerogative writs, equitable remedies or statutory orders if they are satisfied.




What can be done in preparation when an emergency is likely


Defines an emergency & how powers can be applied depending upon the definition


How a Committee is set up to oversee the emergency & the duties it has

E.C.I. & S.O.N.I.S.

Defines, identifies & managing sensitive areas of infrastructure & digital IT systems


March 2020

On 4 March, the first case was confirmed. The infected was a person who had travelled from Northern Italy via Málaga Airport. The patient was in self-isolation. On 7 March, the patient was tested negative and was allowed to end the self-isolation. At this point, in Gibraltar a further 63 persons were in self-isolation.

Total social lockdown began on 24 March, with certain exceptions for essential workers and businesses, over 70's having already entered lockdown.

As of 27 March, 42 people had tested positive for COVID-19 in Gibraltar, including two workers from the Elderly Residential Services at Mount Alvernia.

At the end of March a Florence Nightingale Field Hospital with 192 beds was completed on the Europa Point Sports Complex.

April 2020

General lockdown extended to 22 May, Gibraltar having on 23 April 4 active cases with 129 people having recovered. Over 2,000 tests having been carried out.

what can you do?

The restrictions placed upon you are unconstitutional and unlawful, by simply accepting it as the so-called 'New-Normal' you may be complicit in this scandal perpetrated by our elected officials - the very people we placed in power to represent and protect us.

The citizens of Gibraltar need to make a stand and send a clear message to the Government that they will not give up the rights and freedoms enshrined in our constitution and for which our forefathers fought, suffered and died for, their sacrifices must not be in vain.

We advocate the use of our absolute democratic right to protest, whilst keeping within the current restrictions, however unlawful they may be. It is crucial to get the message across without giving the police any reason to act against those who wish to demonstrate peacefully.

Any protests must be decided on by all and the protection our constitution affords us must act as a shield against those who wish to oppress and punish us for exercising the rights contained within it.

Gibraltarians need to stand shoulder-to shoulder in this battle to retain the freedoms our grandparents fought for, it is likely the single most important fight you will be involved in - if we sit idly by and allow this removal of those freedoms, we will never get them back, the time to act is now.

This is not a joke any more, this is very dangerous and real people are being hurt, alienated and driven to suicide.

It's time to stand up for our rights - before it's too late!

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