the impact

Since COV-SARS-2 reared it's ugly head in early 2020 & spread across the globe, populations panicked & Governments convened special committees to try to formulate plans which would protect their citizens.

As the year progressed, new laws were enacted in most countries under emergency contingency powers

We see a very dangerous element of the public in those who seem happy to soak up the cherry-picked pseudo-science that world governments are feeding to the masses, with patent manipulation of the figures, the use of fear to motivate blind acceptance & the shameful suppression of any scientist or article that does not support their mandate.

This unquestioned acceptance of the alleged 'facts' has led to the most egregious & systematic removal of civil liberties in living memory, with many Governments, such as the UK using the alleged pandemic as an excuse to 'grab' over-reaching powers from the electorates by enacting unconstitutional laws under Civil Contingencies Act 2007 that have all but eradicated many fundamental civil rights that form the foundation of a democratic society.

The freedoms that have underpinned the very fabric of our communities have been shattered, giving rise to a 'snitch-culture' the likes of which have not been seen since the 1930s in Germany.

The  lead up to World War in 30s Germany saw an unparalleled complicity of the masses, driven by propaganda. This manipulated mass-hysteria can be witnessed again today as history may be repeating itself on a far larger and more dangerous scale.

history dictates that fundamental constitutional rights & freedoms freedoms once taken away are rarely given back without conflict or overthrow as those who gain such huge power do not relinquish it readily.

Unfortunately, the moral compass of our otherwise balanced and tolerant community appears to be spinning out of control, with families, neighbours and friends turning on each-other in a them & us battle, that has come down to the lowest common denominator: Those who are happy to wear a mask & those who are not.

The underlying cause is far more simple, it's a matter of freedom of choice, upholding the constitution and having our elected representatives act in the best interest of their electorate, our public servants stand up for the rights of those they serve.

In the UK & therefore by association Gibraltar, the Police swear an oath to Her majesty the Queen to serve the public fairly and without favour, attain their authority by consent of the public they swore to protect, however since the introduction of emergency powers, they have had no choice but to enforce new laws that contravene not only our constitution, but other Acts of parliament such as the Equality Act 2010 & the Equal Opportunities Act 2006.

Those involved in the introduction of laws that breach the Constitution, existing Acts & fail to adhere to the very Act they derive power from, The Civil Contingencies Act 2007 must be held liable for those actions and the betrayal of the public they swore their oath to.